The World of Corkirk

Corkirk takes place in a dark age era of a european like region with a slightly reduced level of the broadly available magic.

Compared to the more common late medieval or early renaissance timelines this translates to more primitive armor and weapons, but mechanically nothing is changing. Armor and weapons still come in the same general types, but will go by different names. This will be found on the equipment pages. Armor, Weapons

Unlike higher magic settings magic is more rare here. This has no impact upon player classes, but it does mean you are unlikely find NPC magic users (except for enemies.), or those with knowledge of magic in general. This reduced level of knowledge also generally makes the populous more suspicious of magic as a whole. Least to most suspicious is as follows: Divine > Bard > Wizard > Sorceror > Warlock. This can result in Warlocks being ostracized or even scapegoated and hunted if they are not careful.

Outside of this there is a lower level of literacy overall, eastern style monks are not to be found (and thus the monk class is not available), and people are quick to blame foul magic for their ills.

The World of Corkirk

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