The gods of Corkirk are more distant than those of the realms or similar fantasy settings, communicating through visions and signs rather than direct speech. This unfortunately makes much of their will for their followers to be cryptic and subject to interpretation. As a result this has lead to schisms in the past among the faithful, and means that the will of a church leader may not reflect the will of the god they claim to represent.

Like traditional settings the gods do grant spells to their followers, and though it takes time to earn such privilege, the gods seem reluctant to remove such boons once granted, and only the most brazen betrayal seems to warrant such. The exception being those who are paladins, whom seem to be granted less leeway.

As a low magic setting, these gods grant magic more rarely, the majority of a church is likely unable to call upon their gods power to cast spells. As usual players are the exception and are unaffected by such things, they advance normally.

The Gods

The gods listed below is not an all encompassing list, but represents the more common and locally known deities.

  • Ywen God of the Hunt
  • Abera Goddess of Water
  • Weliad God of Weather
  • Amaethy Goddess of Agriculture/Fertility
  • Koed God of the Forest
  • Laenau Goddess of Family/Hearth/Home
  • Kellus God of Justice
  • Nara Goddess of Death
  • Mian God of Healing


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