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Corkirk is a small village located in the Grimarden forest, it is built around the ruins of an ancient cathedral, all that remains of a prior settlement. The community primarily centers around logging, though a handful of farms fill in the clearing that surrounds the village. Transport of the local goods is primarily by river, the Tamwaer, which flows along the northeastern edge of the settlement coming from the north west and flowing east-southaest. Roads also exist, going along the river as it flows southeast and towards the heartlands, but are not commonly used outside of traveling peddlers.


The village has no specific government per se, though most issues and handled by the elders. Generally there is a split between Ingram and Young Ben. Ingram tends to be a bit more brash, economically minded and runs the lumber operations in town. Young Ben is more cautious, safety minded and runs the local smithy. Though the elder tend to line up behind Young Ben or Ingram, if Mother Gram weighs in on a matter most will respect her opinion over all others.

Points of Interest

Bendis’ Forge: Smithy overseen by 'Old Ben', and run by 'Young Ben', with an apprentice named Davi.

Old Cathedral: The ruined cathedral is a stone structure with walls that range from 4-10ft high, the roof and upper portions long since collapsed. It is a fairly large structure but isn't utilized by the locals, and many superstitions surround it.

Mother Gram’s Cottage: Local healer and apothecary. She lives near the edge of the village, and her home can be easily spotted as the one with drying herbs hanging from the roof.


People of Note


  • Old Ben, Human who speaks for the village proper and craftsmen.
  • Mother Gram, eldest member of the village, including the elves, though she seems human.
  • Ingram, Human leader of the lumberjacks.
  • Queun, Elf who speaks for the farmsteaders.
  • Branigan, Dwarf who generally speakers for the trappers and hunters.
  • Father Dake, Local clergy who runs the towns shrine to Laenau.
  • Caractica, Midwife.



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