Malik Erenor


Malik is a plain man of average height. While he may have overcome the years of sickness and frailty of his childhood, the many years of inactivity have left him bereft of much in the way of athleticism. Working in the fields as an adult has toned his body somewhat, but he lacks the hardened muscles of those who have been at work since they could first hold an ax or sickle. That most of his life has been spent inside is plain to see in the color of his skin: fair, like that of a nobleman.


Malik Erenor is the heir of the Erenor estate, first-born of the most prestigious family the region has ever known; although you wouldn’t know it, considering how the rest of the village speak of them.

A family of secret Wild Mages, the Erenor clan is a reclusive one, only leaving the safety of their demesne when delivering their harvest, buying goods that they themselves can’t make, or during the occasional village festival. To compound this solitary lifestyle further, young Malik had was a sickly child, suffering from all sorts of mysterious ailments. While his parents gave up their privacy to any who thought they could help, including the gracious Father Dakes and the ancient Mother Gram, Malik spent an entire childhood studying books, and listening to the oral histories passed down from his grandparents; or at least what they would tell him.

Only as he came into manhood did his constitution improve, granting him the freedom to explore the town he had heard so much about. It didn’t take long, however, before the shine began to wear off. What few villagers were willing to converse with him usually had something urgent to do that required their immediate attention, and the vast majority of villagers did their best not to go near him.

Finally understanding the meaning of his parents warnings, he agreed to lead the same closed-off existence that his family had done for generations, and instead focused on honing his magical abilities; if at first for no other reason that to just control them. As the years passed, however, he became frustrated. He was considerably weaker than his father or grandmother had been at his age, and even his sister six years his junior had long surpassed his arcane capabilities.

As the mysterious calamities befell the nearby communities, Malik insisted on representing the Erenor family as the rest of the village huddled together for warmth in the village center. Finding both the distrust of the villagers and the reminder of his failures at home intolerable, Malik chose to embrace the unknown instead.

Malik Erenor

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