Kevin de Domo Lustri


Dex based human archer ranger
Background: Tree Climber
Prof: Herbalism, Wood carving,
Ideal: Indipendence
Bonds: The forest is my home
Flaws: Human Society confuses me.
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Kevin is darkhaired with a slim athletic build. His brown eyes are sharp and expressive even if he speaks little. Kevin prefers rustic clothing that is comfortable and useful. His bow is never far from his side.


The Lustri are a well established logging family. Kevin was born as the second son of the family and was expected to follow his father and brother into the business. Instead Kevin would often wander off into the forest on his own adventures when hes father, Pog, took him to the learn the craft. Eventually, fed up with his disappearances, Pog gave Kevin a bow and told him if he was going to wander about he might as well catch dinner for the family. Kevin became an excellent hunter and tracker but still is enamored by the beauty and even magic of the forest around him.

Kevin de Domo Lustri

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